May 27, 2015: Comparing EU and US Migration Law: The Case of Same-Sex Spouses – Lecture by Scott Titshaw in Leiden

tidshawOn May 27,  2015, Scott Titshaw,  Fulbright-Schuman fellow at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies will give a lecture on “Comparing EU and US Migration Law: The Case of Same-Sex Spouses”

The lecture will be followed by:

comments by Peter Rodrigues
(professor of Immigration Law, Leiden Law School,,)
comments by Jorrit Rijpma
(associate professor of European Law, Leiden Law School,,
discussion chaired by Kees Waaldijk
(professor of Comparative Sexual Orientation Law, Leiden Law School,

Comparing EU and US Migration Law: The Case of Same-Sex Spouses
Family-based immigration is a point of tension within multi-tiered legal systems in both the EU and US, where Union or federal migration rights depend on familial status determined under member State law. An important contemporary example of this tension stems from the divergent treatment of married same-sex couples in different States. US immigration laws and EU directives provide immigration rights to third-country national “spouses” of citizens and long-term residents. Yet it is unclear whether the term “spouse” in the EU directives covers same-sex couples who are legal spouses in one Member State, but not in another. The US faced a similar choice and settled on a liberal place-of-celebration rule in 2013. This presentation will analyze the meaning of the word “spouse” in the EU’s Family Reunification and Citizens Directives and describe US experience with the same issue.

Scott Titshaw, an Associate Professor at Mercer University Law School in Macon, Georgia (USA), is currently a Fulbright-Schuman fellow in the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University’s campus in The Hague. He has published numerous articles and book chapters on immigration and LGBT legal issues. He also has been quoted or cited on these topics in the Los Angeles Times, the ABA Journal, Reason magazine and the online editions of The Wall Street Journal, the National Review, and the Chicago Tribune, among others. Before joining the Mercer faculty, Professor Titshaw practiced immigration and transactional law for twelve years. He also clerked for US District Court Judge Adrian Duplantier and served as a legal translator with the German Bundesverfassungsgericht. He earned a BA from Georgetown University, a JD, cum laude, from the University of Georgia School of Law, and an LLM, magna cum laude, from the Universität Hamburg in Germany. For more information, a CV and links to publications, see

Time and location
Wednesday 27 May 2015, 10:00 to 12:00
Leiden Law School, Kamerling Onnes Gebouw, Steenschuur 25, Leiden, room C0.20
(with coffee & tea, no need to register)