2017-2018 EU Fulbright-Schuman Grantees

The Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange between The United States, Belgium, and Luxembourg, administrator of the Fulbright-Schuman program, is pleased to announce the results of the 2017-2018 application cycle for the Fulbright-Schuman grant competition.

The Commission received a total of 41 applications from EU citizens in the scholar category. The number of applicants in this category went up 41.46% compared to last year. The Commission was proud to receive applications from 19 different European nationalities before the December 1, 2016 deadline: Austria (2) Belgium (1), Czech Republic (1), Finland (4), France (2), Germany (1), Greece (1), Hungary (1), Ireland (2), Italy (6), Lithuania (1), Netherlands (4), Poland (1), Portugal (5), Romania (2), Slovakia (1), Slovenia (2), Spain (5). The scholar applicants during the 2017-2018 application cycle came from a variety of academic disciplines: Accounting/Finance (1), Anthropology (1), Architecture (1), Biology (2), Computer Science (2), Design (1), Economics (2), Engineering (2), Film/Cinema Studies (2), Geography (1), History (3), Interdisciplinary Studies (1), International Relations (4), Law (5), Medical Sciences (1), Philosophy (1), Political Science (6), Psychology (2), Public Administration (1), Social Sciences (1), and Transportation (1). After the interview round with 12 selected applicants, a total of 6 EU researchers (2 from The Netherlands, 1 from Spain, 1 from France and 1 from Italy) were finally awarded a 2017-2018 Fulbright-Schuman grant in the following academic fields: Law (1), International Relations (1), Engineering (1), Anthropology (1), and Political Science (1).

The 34 Fulbright applicants in the student category came from 14 EU member states: Bulgaria (1), Croatia (1), Finland (1), Germany (2), Greece (4), Ireland (1), Italy (11), Luxembourg (1), Netherlands (1), Poland (2), Romania (2), Spain (5), Sweden (1) and the United Kingdom (2). The applicants were composed of 15 men and 19 women specialized in the following diverse fields: Biomedical Engineering (1), Criminal Justice (1), Economics (1), Education (1), Engineering (1), European Studies (1), International Relations (5), Law (14), Languages (1), Liberal Arts (1), Political Science (6), and Theology/Religion (1). Compared to last year’s competition, the Commission received 29% more Fulbright-Schuman student grant applications. After interviewing the top-ranked first round applicants, the review panel nominated 9 candidates (Bulgaria (1), Germany (1), Greece (2), Italy (2),  Spain (2),  UK (1)) to receive awards.

List of the 2017-2018 EU Fulbright-Schuman grantees (scholar category):

NameNationalityEU Home InstitutionU.S. Host InstitutionAcademic DisciplineProject Title
Ms. Anna ButenkoThe NetherlandsUniversity of AmsterdamVermont Law SchoolLawAddressing Disconnection Between Regulation and Innovation in Data-Enabled Energy Markets: Is Regulatory Innovation the Answer?
Dr. Pedro Garcia HaroSpainUniversity of SevillePrinceton UniversityEngineeringComprehensive ass. & comparison of H2 production and underground storage as a solution to balance future penetration of renewable electricity in U.S./EU grids
Dr. Joris LarikThe NetherlandsLeiden UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityInternational RelationsForms of foreign policy collaboration in the unraveled Transatlantic space: From ‘two pillars’ to ‘peristyle’?
Dr. Roberta RaffaetaItalyUniversity of VeronaUniversity of CaliforniaAnthropologyAn Ecosystem of Microbes. Microbiome Research and its Policy and Societal Implications between US and EU.
Dr. Laure NeumayerFranceUniversity Paris 1 Panthéon SorbonneColumbia UniversityPolitical ScienceThe transatlantic dimension of memory activism: ethnic anti-communism in the US and in the EU after the Cold War

List of the 2017-2018 EU Fulbright-Schuman grantees (student category):

NameNationalityEU Home InstitutionU.S. Host InstitutionAcademic Discipline
Leticia Diez SanchezSpainEuropean University InstitutetbcEU Law
Paula Fernandez-Wulf Barreiro SpainUniversite Catholique de LouvaintbcLaw
Rosa ManzoItalyPluriCourts, University of OsloColumbia UniversityEnvironmental Law
Valentina MigliariniItalyRoma Tre UniversityKansas UniversityEducation
Julian Mueller-KalerGermanyZeppelin UniversityGeorgetown BMW CenterInternational Relations
Eliza NedyalkovaBulgariaCollege of EuropeColumbia UniversityInternational Relations
George PapaconstantinouGreeceEuropean University InstituteColumbia UniversityLaw
Luigi PedreschiUKEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLaw
Theodosia StavroulakiGreeceEuropean University InstitutetbcLaw