2019-20 Europeans in the USA

A glimpse of America and the world, on Californian slopes

It’s 4 AM on a Saturday in December and I’m anxiously maneuvering a little Hyundai out of a dark driveway in the Bay Area. I’m not a morning person, nor a great driver, and this all feels a bit adventurous. As with most things Californian, there’s an app involved, allowing me to rent a good neighbor’s car for the day to drive to Lake Tahoe, where I am eager to go skiing.

2019-20 Americans in the EU EU-NATO Seminar

Report from the Field: The EU-NATO Seminar

When I found out I was a Fulbright-Schuman Grantee to the European Union in Spring 2019, I was beyond elated. Not only did I now have the chance to begin researching a topic that would expand my existing field experiences, but the Fulbright-Schuman Grant brought with it another opportunity: the EU-NATO Seminar in Luxembourg and […]