Examples of Previous Fulbright Schuman Grantees

I. 2014-15 Fulbright Schuman EU Grantees

1) Students

Emmanuel De Groof 

Emmanuel De Groof is a current student at the European University Institute, receiving his LLM in International Law. Originating from Belgium, Mr. De Groof has five degrees and has held multiple internships and scholarships from organizations around the EU who deal specifically in EU affairs. In the United States as a visiting student researcher, Mr. De Groof will be attending New York University Law. His proposal concerns understanding and evaluating the increasing European Union and United States involvement with transitional authorities. After completing his Fulbright Grant, Mr. De Groof would like to focus on mediation work, diplomacy, rule of law or institutional development which concern both the EU and US.

Mikolaj Jasiak

Mikolaj Jasiak received a scholarship from the Polish government to study European Law from the College of Europe. In the United States, Mr. Jasiak will continue his education as a Doctorate student at Pace University Law, studying energy and environmental law. Examining the legal regulation of natural gas production, Mr. Jasiak is very interested in hydraulic fracking and environmental issues in Shale Gas exploration. Future career plans for Mr. Jasiak include finishing up his PhD Dissertation and then either working with a European energy company, the Polish government or in a consultancy position.

Joseph Lacey
Joseph Lacey, Irish, is studying toward a PhD in Political Science from European University Institute. He will be attending Princeton University to study how the democratic representation is changing for Europe. Mr. Lacy has two masters degrees, one in Political Science and one in Philosophy. Part of Mr. Lacy’s research focuses on the portrait of the European Union as a young political system. After the completion of his Fulbright Grant and subsequent PhD study Mr. Lacey wants to embark on a career in academia, combining his two loves of political science research and teaching.

Anna Marhold
Anna Marhold is from the Netherlands and currently studying law at the European University Institute in San Dominico di Fiesole in Italy. Her studies primarily focus on International and European Trade and Investment Law with respect to energy regulation and the World Trade Organization (WTO) legal framework. At New York University Law, Ms. Marhold will dedicate her studies to answering the big questions, like is the WTO legal framework suited and equipped to deal with energy trade? And if not, what should be changed to ensure that the WTO can deal(more) adequately with trade in energy? After completion at New York University Law, Ms. Marhold will conclude her PhD studies and focus on a career in academia and/or consultancy.

Maria Elena Oliver Saiz

Maria Elena Oliver Saiz from Spain is studying towards her Phd in Structures at the University of Granada Spain. Her research focuses on the field of earthquake engineering, from a structural point of view. At the University of California Berkeley, she will be studying Engineering. Her proposal for her Fulbright grant focuses on the development of a common framework on the assessment and retrofitting of existing RC framed structures. After her time at UC Berkeley, Ms. Oliver Saiz will finish her thesis and then apply for a professorship at her university.

2) Scholars

Ana Isabel Afonso

Originally from Portugal, Ana Isable Afonso is an assistant Professor at FCSH, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She will be traveling to the United States with a Fulbright Grant and attending the University of Massachusetts – Amherst in Anthropology. Ms. Afonso focuses her studies on wind power, greening society and environmental justice. Her project aims to address social-cultural impacts of renewable energies in European and American landscapes. After returning from the United States, Ms. Afonso will continue her research on social change and environmental justice.

Alessandro Blasimme

Alessandro Blasimme is an Italian Post doctorate Fellow at INSERM – Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale. Mr. Blasimme will be studying in Harvard Universities’ political science department, undertaking a systematic study of the regulatory policy of stem cell-based medicine in the United States with the aim of comparing it to European regulations in the promising field of biomedical innovation. Mr. Blasimme is a member of the Society for the Social Studies of Science, the European Society for the Philosophy of Science and the International Society for Stem Cell Research-ISSCR.

Ignacio Gonzalez Fernandez 

Ignacio Gonzalez Fernandez from Spain is a researcher at CIEMAT – Centre for Research on Energy, Environment and Technology in Madrid. Mr. Fernandez will be conducting research with the US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station in Environmental Sciences. He will be centering his Fulbright Grant Research on the Implementation of Scientific Findings into Environmental Policy Development in the E.U. and U.S, within the focus of the UNECE Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution Convention. Specializing in air pollution, Mr. Fernandez is passionate about environmental science and ecosystem protection.

Esthir Lemi Petropoulou

Esthir Lemi Petropoulou is an artist and work with the Chamber of Fine Arts in Greece. With her research grant, Mrs. Petropoulou will attend the University of Michigan and concentrate her studies on Haptic Diaries: a tacticle feedback technology for knowledge-based interaction. Mrs. Petroupoulou’s project treats books as evocative objects via haptic techniques so that reading goes beyond seeing and becomes a sensing experience that enables creativity for people with disabilities (social, psychological and physical).

Sara Lopez Selga
Originally from Spain, Sara Lopez Selga has been the director of the international relations office at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona since 2007. With Fulbright-Schuman, Mrs. Selga will be traveling on an International Educator Grant and attending the State University New York and California University systems. Focusing her research on Educational Administration Erasmus for All, Mrs. Selga wishes to Maximize United States’ Higher Education Initiatives’ participation in European educational programs and promote cooperation projects between the United States and the European Union.

Neave O’Clery
Originating from Ireland, Neave O’Clery is a PhD candidate from Imperial College London studying mathematics. Traveling on a research grant, Ms. O’Cleary will attend Harvard Universities Mathematics department and research network analysis of European Union labor force and compare strategies in economic development and investment. Ms. O’Cleary has two master’s degrees and a bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics. Her project will employ cutting-edge techniques in network construction, design, and community detection to understand the development of industries within the EU driven by the diversity of skills available. The key application of her work will be the development of data-driven investment strategies for growth both within the EU, the US and beyond.

Katia Perini
From Italy, Katia Perini is a research fellow at Università degli Studi di Genova studying architecture. Ms. Perini will be attending Columbia University’s Urban Planning department on a research grant and will research the sustainability of urban areas and determine options for the improvement of environmental policies. The main objective of Ms. Perini’s research project is to study and analyze initiatives, actions, regulations, building design and urban planning practices (assessment methods), carried out and developed in the U.S. to improve environmental conditions in cities and the environmental impact of dense urban areas.

Paiva Pietila
Paiva Pietila from Finland is a professor at the University of Turku in the English Department, focusing on language and literature. Mr. Pietila will be attending City University of New York with a research grant to study Linguistics and promote lifelong learning, specifically diving into lexical competence of learners of different ages and proficiency levels. Mr. Pietila’s background is in language and linguistics. Mr. Pietila’s proposal studies the lexical competence of learners of English and concentrates on the accuracy and complexity of vocabulary in spoken production, concentrating on elderly learners of a second language.

Antoine Rayroux

Antoine Rayroux, French, is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the Université libre de Bruxelles. Ms. Rayroux will be attending Georgetown University with a resrach grant in Political Science studying how to manage international reputations, specifically concerning the European Union in the United States and in Canada. Ms. Rayroux’s research asks whether a political actor can manage its reputation, that is, use it as a resource for international power. Ms. Rayroux has travelled extensively in Canada and will be in the United States for four months.

Robert Schuetze 

Robert Schuetze, from Germany, is a professor of Law at Durham Law School in the United Kingdom. Mr. Schuetze will travel to Harvard University Law School in the Foreign Affairs department on a research grant to study the American tradition in detail, hoping to extrapolate conceptual tools for an analysis of the European Union and its foreign affairs federalism. Mr. Schuetze has a background in public administration and an LLM and PhD in Law.
II. American Grantees

U.S.-EU Student 2012-2013
This Syrian-American grantee received a Bachelor’s of Arts with honors in both Journalism and Biological Sciences at Wayne State University. His project focuses on the impact that the recently introduced ‘Marie Curie Actions’ Career Integration Grant program has on “early-career” “extra-European” researcher mobility, has had in defining the movement of non-European researchers age 35 and younger into and across Europe to conduct research in EU member states. This grantee will conduct surveys and interviews with program administrators, policymakers, and grant recipients to attempt to determine the implications of the program. Following completion of his research, he intends to continue to postgraduate education and apply his background in biomedical science research to international science and technology policy and international relations.
U.S.-EU student 2012-13

This Nigerian-American grantee studied English, Sociology, and Music at Duke University.  He continued his studies at American University of Cairo in Egypt, earning a Master’s in Literature History. While studying across the E.U. and in the United States, this grantee developed a keen interest in migration policy and human rights advocacy. He has partnered with The Migration Policy Group headquartered in Brussels, and The Institute for Rights, Equality, and Diversity, in Athens to support and continue his research, which attempts to identify effective means by which the EU can effect compliance of general human rights standards in the current Greek migration situation to prevent violations. On a larger scale, he will attempt to determine how a supranational government can effectively address migration issues through transnational policy given the migration peculiarities and implementation challenges of individual states. Outside of his project, he intends to establish the Meet US program, which connects US citizens with students and engages them in dialogues about American society, in the US embassies in Greece and Belgium.
U.S.-EU Student 2012-2013

This American grantee holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Analysis & Design, a M.A. in demographic & Social Analysis, and a B.A. in International Studies from the University of California, Irvine. Her research focuses on the examination of how Directive of the European Parliament on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) achieves its aims with regard to recycling, reuse, and the minimization of adverse environmental impacts of e-waste. Based in Estonia and Ireland, she will determine how the WEEE is being implemented and how institutional capacities for its effectiveness are shaped by industrial, economic, and social interests. This grantee will be collecting secondary source data, conducting interviews with elected officials, business people, NGO’s, and individuals representing civil society, as well as observing relevant activities as a participant at e-waste collection sites.
U.S.-EU Student 2013

This American grantee is currently working on her M.D. from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She completed her B.A. at Columbia University and earned her Master’s in Health Policy and Management from Boston University. She is presently conducting research that analyzes pan-European efforts to facilitate transnational clinical research, with a specific focus on the European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN), at INSERM in Paris. She intends to address the technical and operational issues facing transnational research with the aim of facilitating research within the EU and between the EU and US. She will further aim to standardize ambiguous CTD terms across member states. This grantee intends the result of her research to include increased access to patients, intellectual and financial capital, and data sharing while decreasing duplication of studies.
U.S.-EU Scholar 2012-2013
This American grantee earned his Bachelor of Arts in History at Rhodes University, his Master of Arts in Political Science from the University College London, and his Ph.D. in Political Science from Indiana University. He will be continuing his research on the influence of the United States on the process of European integration at the College of Europe, Bruges in Belgium. He will be writing a book and multiple journal articles on the topic, focusing on the conscious and unconscious effect of US policy on the European Union since the end of the Cold War. Specifically, he will focus on the acceleration of European integration since the passage of the Treaty on European Union in 1993 and the still unclear long-term implications of the global financial crisis, as well as the rise of China and India.
U.S.-EU Scholar 2012-2013

This American grantee earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of Chicago in  and his Master’s and Ph.D. in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis. He will be continuing his research on the governance of banks at the Institute of Criminology at the University of Malta. His research focuses on the weaknesses in the global framework for bank regulation and supervision, highlighted by the 2008 financial crisis. He plans to determine how the E.U. regulators have responded to and learned from the crisis. Furthermore, he will investigate how E.U. reforms have impacted bank supervisory practices in member countries. This research is particularly instructive because Malta is experiencing brisk growth in the financial services sector.