EU Alumni

NameEurope InstU.S. Host Institution(s)Field of Study/ResearchYearCategoryProject title (objective)
Pierre de RaedtUniversity of LeidenBall State UniversityUS-EU Relations1991-1992
Miguel Mesquita da CunhaInstitut D'Etudes PolitiquesTufts UniversityUS-EC Relations1991-1992Fulbright Scholar/LecturerEC Scholar-in-residence
William NicollUniversity of DundeeGeorge Mason UniversityUS-EC Relations1991-1992Fulbright Scholar/LecturerEC Scholar-in-residence
Francesco Passetti BombardellaUniversity of PaduaBall State UniversityUS-EC Relations1991-1992Fulbright Scholar/LecturerEU Scholar in Residence
Emile A CampoUniversity of LeidenBall State UniversityEconomics1991-1992Fulbright Scholar/LecturerEC Scholar-in-residence
George CloseLiverpool UniversityMurray State UniversityLaw1992-1993Fulbright Scholar/LecturerEU Scholar-in-residence
Raffaello FornasierInstitute des Hautes Etudes Internationales, ParisTexas A & M UniversityLaw1992-1993Fulbright Scholar/LecturerEC Scholar-in-residence
Eamonn GallagherUniversity College, DublinFashion Institute of TechnologyPublic Administration1992-1993Fulbright Scholar/LecturerEC Scholar-in-residence
Edward LathamOxford UniversityCornell UniversityEC Scholar in Residence1992-1993Fulbright Scholar/LecturerEC Scholar-in-Residence
Paolo CecchiniUniversity of TurinUniversity of MassachusettsUS-EC Relations1993-1994Fulbright Scholar/LecturerThe European Challenge 1992: The Benefits of a Single Market
Norbert KohlhaseFreie Universitaet BerlinPurdue UniversityEU Affairs1993-1994Fulbright Scholar/Lecturer
Jacqueline NononUniversity of ParisUniversity of MassachusettsUS-EC Relations1993-1994Fulbright Scholar/LecturerEC Scholar-in-residence
Fuensanta Candela CastilloUniversity of MadridBrookings InstitutionEU Affairs1994-1995Fulbright ScholarA comparative study of the legal framework set forth by the EC treaty and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the field of trade exchanges between Member States
Henri EtienneInstitut D'Etudes Politiques, ParisSacred Heart UniversityEU Affairs1994-1995Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar-in-residence
Ingfried HochbaumGerman University of Administrative Sciences SpeyeUniversity of IllinoisEU Affairs1994-1995Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar-in-residence
Martin ParnellUniversity of LiverpoolGeorgia Institute ofTechnologyEU Scholar in Residence1994-1995Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar in Residence
Hans SchoofRadboud University NijmegenBrookings InstitutionEU Affairs1994-1995Fulbright ScholarStudy the U.S. Policy Environment regarding "Information Highways"
Edoardo VolpiUniversity of FerraraUniversity of WisconsinEU Affairs1994-1995Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar-in-residence
Dannys WatsonImperial CollegeUniversity of WisconsinEU Affairs1994-1995Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar-in-residence
Richard CawleySimon Fraser UniversityTufts UniversityTelecommunications1995-1996Fulbright ScholarThe Role of Full Telecommunications Liberalisation in the Development of the Information Economy
Robert FischerUniversity of GroningenDuke UNiversity & University of North CarolinaUS - EU Relations1995-1996Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar-in-residence
Renée HaferkampUniversite Libre de BruxellesUniversity of ArkansasUS - EU Relations1995-1996Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar-in-residence
Caroline FriendUniversity of LondonKamehameha SchoolHawaii-European School Teacher Exchange Program1995-1996TeacherParticipate in Hawaii-European School Teacher Exchange Program
Ian HollidayUniversity of OxfordNew York UniversityEuropean Politics1996-1997Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar-in-residence
Elizabeth JoyceUniversity of OxfordGeorgetown UniversityUS-EU Relations1996-1997Fulbright ScholarThe Politics of International Cooperation: The United States and European Foreign Policy in Latin America
James LewisUniversity College DublinUniversity of California - BerkeleyBioclimatic Architecture1996-1997Fulbright ScholarDesign Support for New Energy Technologies in Building
Kurt RiechenbergUniversity of Bochum BonnUniversity of PittsburghInternational Law1996-1997Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar in Residence
Bernhard SchlohUniversity of HamburgColumbia UniversityEU Law1996-1997Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar in Residence
Louis CharpentierEuropean University InstituteYeshiva UniversityPolitical Science1997-1998Fulbright ScholarAffirmative Action and Positive Action: The Policy of Institutional Imitation
Sirkku HellstenUniversiy of HelsinkiUniversity of South FloridaPhilosophy1997-1998Fulbright ScholarKnowledge, Well-Being and Social Justice
Luis Miguel Poiares Pessoa MaduroUniversity of LisbonHarvard UniversityLaw1997-1998Fulbright ScholarThe Impact of European Integration on Constitutional Legal Theory
Josephine ShawCambridge UniversityHarvard UniversityLaw1997-1998Fulbright ScholarLaw and Legitimate Governance in the EU
José TorreblancaComplutenese University of MadridGeorge Washington UniversityPolitical Science1997-1998Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar-in-Residence: NAFTA, Central Eastern Europe and the Foreign Policy Systems of the European Union and the United States
Francine CunninghamQueen's University BelfastHarvard UniversityInternational Economics1998-1999Fulbright ScholarThe Political Economy of the European Union and its Impact on the Transatlantic Relationship
Thomas EilmansbergerUniversity of SalzburgSouthwestern UniversityInternational Law1998-1999Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar-in-residence
Inge GovaereUniversity of GentCornell UniversityInternational Law1998-1999Fulbright ScholarCurrent EU Challenges, in particular enlargement towards the east
Robert JonesUniversity of SheffieldJamestown Community CollegeInternational Relations1998-1999Fulbright ScholarLecturing
Stephen YoungUniversity of LiverpoolGeorgetown UniversityInternational Economics1998-1999Fulbright ScholarInvestment Issues at the World Trade Organization
Joern DoschUniversity of MainzStanford UniversityPolitical Science1999-2000Fulbright ScholarThe global impact of the 'Asian Crisis' on US-Asia-EU triangular relations
Andreas FaludiUniversity of ViennaHarvard UniversityCity Planning1999-2000Fulbright ScholarThe 'Single Market' and the European spatial development policy
Frédéric LapeyreUniversite Catholique de LouvainBrown UniversityEconomics1999-2000Fulbright ScholarSocial Exclusion: The New Social Question in Eastern Europe
Ritva LeppanenUniversity of TampereUniversity of California - LA & Scripps & USCBusiness administration, Area Studies (EU)1999-2000Fulbright ScholarIdentity and citizenship in the New Europe
Raffaela ScagliettaUniversite Libre de BruxellesNew SchoolJournalism1999-2000Fulbright ScholarA Comparative Analysis of the media-based public perception of biotechnology and food safety standards in the USA and the European Union
Diamond AshiagborUniversity of ManchesterColumbia UniversityLaw2000-2001Fulbright ScholarLabour Law, Economic Theory and the European Union Employment Strategy: Comparisons Between Labour Market Regulation within the EU and the US
Dorena CaroliE.H.E.S.S.Pennsylvania State UniversitySociology2000-2001Fulbright ScholarThe Sub-Cultures of the Young who are at Risk. History and Actuality of the Prevention of Young Deviancy in Europe in the Twentieth Century.
Kalman DezseriH.A.S.University of KansasEconomics 2000-2001Fulbright ScholarLecturing European studies / research on transatlantic relations after EU enlargement
David DunnUniversity of BirminghamNational Defense UniversityInternational Relations2000-2001Fulbright ScholarThe European Union, European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) and the Future of Transatlantic Security Relations
Maximin Joseph EmagnaUniversity of PicardeUniversity of PittsburghInternational Affairs2000-2001Fulbright ScholarInternational Administrative Co-operation (technical assistance in the field of Public Management and the Training of Civil Servants) in the context of "Globalisation": USA vs European Union
Nadia HashimiEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityPolitical Science2000-2001Fulbright ScholarImmigration Policy and Minority Group Insertion: a comparison between the USA and the EU
Anna TriandafyllidouEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversitySociology2000-2001Fulbright ScholarImmigration Policy Implementation in Europe and the United States. A Comparative View of Informal Practices and Administrative Routines
Jean Belin BourgogneUniversity Pantheon-AssasColumbia UniversityEconomics2001-2002Fulbright ScholarFinancing of Innovation: a comparison between the United States and the European Union
Navraj GhaleighEuropean University InstituteUniversity of California - BerkeleyLaw2001-2002Fulbright ScholarPromoting Political Virtue: An Institutional Analysis of Party Politcal Funding
Ariane KönigUniversity of CambridgeHarvard UniversityPublic Administration2001-2002EC Scholar-in-residence
Michael ManninUniversity of CanterburyNew York UniversityEuropean Studies2001-2002Fulbright ScholarEC Scholar-in-residence
Keith ChapmanUniversity of BirminghamUniversity of Southern MississippiEU Scholar in Residence2002-2003Fulbright ScholarLecturing proposal - University of Southern Mississippi
Catherine GegoutEuropean University InstituteUniversity of PittsburghPolitical Science2002-2003Fulbright ScholarLectureship in European Studies
Sarah GrattanEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityEU Scholar in Residence2002-2003Fulbright ScholarEmployment and Social Affairs in the EU and Member States
H. Neill NugentUniversity of KentState University of New York - FredoniaEU Scholar in Residence2002-2003Fulbright ScholarEU Scholar in Residence
Philippe PochetUniversite Libre de BruxellesUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonEU Scholar in Residence2002-2003Fulbright ScholarNew Approachers to Governance in Europe
Jorge SerratosaUniversity of BarcelonaCornell UniversityVeterinary Medicine2002-2003
Milagros Del Carmen Alvarez VerdugoUniversity of BarcelonaCornell UniversityEU affairs2003-2004Fulbright ScholarEuropean Policy on Security and Defense and the Transatlantic Relations: International Security Management
Claudia AttucciEuropean University InstituteColumbia UniversityPolitical Science2003-2004
Federico OrtinoEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLaw2003-2004Fulbright ScholarThe 'National Treatment' Principle as the Fundamental Norm in the Regulation of International Trade: Is it Time to Move on?
Sejal ParmarEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLaw2003-2004Fulbright ScholarThe EU's Rise to Prominence? A Human Rights Approach to Sustainable Development and the EU's New International Role
Maria Paz Salmador SanchezUniversity Autonoma de MadridTexas A & M UniversityEU affairs2004-2005Fulbright ScholarThe Impact of International Diversification Experience and Environment on Modes of Entry Choice
Mathias SiemsUniversity of EdinburghStanford University & Harvard UniversityEU affairs2004-2005Fulbright ScholarThe US Model of Corporate Governance and its impact on the Law in Europe
Michael WilkinsonEuropean University InstituteColumbia University & New York UniversityEU Affairs2004-2005Fulbright ScholarThe Idea of Postnational Constitutionalism
Matteo RizzolliUniversity of SienaYale UniversityLaw2005-2006Fulbright ScholarIP Law vs Antitrust in US and EU: Framing the dilemma into a theory of property rights' incompleteness
Ariane Chebel d'AppolloniaSciences Po ParisUniversity of PittsburghPolitical Science2005-2006Fulbright ScholarImmigration, Discrimination and Security Issues in Europe and the United States after Sept 11: Evaluation of New Policies and Perceptions of Immigrants.
Susana De la Sierra MoronEuropean University InstituteColumbia UniversityLaw2005-2006Fulbright ScholarFilm Law in a Global Context: Legal and Cultural Challenges in Europe and the United States
Véronique DimierInstitut D'Etudes Pol. GrenobleNew York UniversityPolitical Science2005-2006Fulbright ScholarThe institutionalization and bureaucratization of DG DEV (European Commission). Part III of the research project: the relationships between DG DEV and the World Bank/IMF
Eva Maria MendezUniversity Carlos IIIUniversity of North CarolinaLibrary Science2005-2006Fulbright ScholarInformation Technologies: Metadata Application for Learning Objects to Improve European Space of Higher Education and ECTS Credits System
Christophe MikulaschekUniversity of ViennaColumbia UniversityInternational Relations2005-2006Fulbright StudentMaster's in International Relations
Gijsbertus MomEindhoven University of TechnologyUniversity of MichiganEU Scholar in Residence2005-2006Fulbright ScholarCrossing Borders: A Project on the Co-Evolution of Automobile Tourism and the Family Car
Caspar MuddeRijksuniv. LeidenRutgers UniversityEU Scholar in Residence2005-2006Fulbright ScholarContentious and Extreme Politics in Europe Today
Maria Teresa Sádaba GarrazaUniversity of NavarraGeorge Washington UniversityPolitical Science2005-2006Fulbright ScholarComparative study between lobby in US and EU
Katja WeckströmUniversity of TurkuChicago-Kent Law SchoolLaw2005-2006Fulbright StudentA Contextual Approach to Trade Mark Law in the EU - Who has the right to speak to consumers?
Stefan FritschUniversity of SalzburgBowling Green State UniversityEU Scholar in Residence2006-2007Fulbright ScholarCentral and Eastern Countries and the EU Lisbon Agenda
Theodore GeorgopoulosUniversity of Aix-MarseilleNew York UniversityLaw2006-2007Fulbright ScholarHuman Rights Protection and Tax Treaties between US and EU Member States: Bridging the Gap?
José Luis Gomez BarrosoComplutenese University of MadridColumbia UniversityInformation Society2006-2007Fulbright ScholarIs Europe aware of what Information Society-related public policies it needs for its future
Otmar LahodynskyUniversity of ViennaUniversity of TexasEU Scholar in Residence2006-2007Fulbright ScholarThe future development of the European Union: conflict between further integration and re-nationalization
Gemma LarramonaUniversity of ZaragozaUniversity of PennsylvaniaMigration2006-2007Fulbright ScholarMigration and growth (advanced research in reverse migration flows)
Pierpaolo SettembriUniversity of FlorenceNew York UniversityPolitical Science2006-2007Fulbright ScholarPolicy Reform and interest intermediation: a comparison of US-EU farm organizations
Joaquin Gonzalez IbanezUniversity of MadridAmerican UniversityEu Affairs2007-2008Fulbright ScholarThe United States as Guardian or Violator of Rule of Law: Europe's Vision of America in the Post 9/11 World. Legal boundaries, accountability and the effect on the democratic system from a comparative perspective. American and European institutions reaffirming the Rule of Law and Human Rights principles in the context of International Terrorism
Xavier BoesUniversite de LiegeUniversity of Rhode IslandSeismology2007-2008Fulbright ScholarAssesment of Seismic Risk in Sout-Est Turkey: Seismic cycles of the East Anatolian Fault
Daniel FaasUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of California - BerkeleyEU Affairs2008-2009Fulbright ScholarImmigrant Incorporation and Civic Cohesion in Europe and the United States
University of Paris IGeorgetown UniversityEU Affairs (Border Security / Political Science)2008-2009Fulbright ScholarRethinking/Reorganizing Borders: Post 9/11 Visas Policies in the US
Teresa PullanoSciences PoColumbia UniversityEU Affairs2008-2009Fulbright StudentComparing US and EU Citizenship on the Subject of the Right to Free Movement of People
Angelantonio RosatoLUISS RomeUniversity of PittsburghEU Affairs2008-2009Fulbright ScholarEnergy Security in US/Russia/EU relations
Stefano TomassiniUniversity of TurinNY Public LibraryEU Affairs2008-2009Fulbright ScholarBach in the Plural. A question of cultural relationships from U.S. and Europe in dance history of the 20th century
Susan LeerinkUniversity of LeidenNew York University & MITPhysics2008-2009Fulbright StudentThe Implementation of the Scrape Layer Region into the Gyrokinetic code ELMFIRE
Vanessa RicciUniversite Libre de BruxellesUniversity of California - BerkeleyEU Law2008-2009Fulbright StudentThe Establishment of a New Role of the Court of Justice of the European Communities in the Penal Area: Stakes and Strategies between Actors
Julie WilsonUniversity of West EnglandCity University of New York & Columbia UniversityHuman Geography2008-2009Fulbright ScholarUrban Space, Tourism and the 'Creative Class' Debate: A Comparative Analysis of US and EU Cities
Gerrit DielissenTilburg UniversityVanderbilt UniversityEU Affairs2008-2009Fulbright ScholarMigration and Identity in Europe: Redefining Oneself and the Outsiders Within
University of NavarraUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCommunication2009-2010Fulbright ScholarThe EU Public Diplomacy/Research: New Strategies for the EU Public Diplomacy in a Global World
Katja BiedenkopfVrije Universiteit BrusselUniversity of California - BerkeleyPolitical Sciences2009-2010Fulbright StudentThe Influence of European Union Environmental Legislation on California
Damien GerardUniversite Catholique de LouvainHarvard UniversityLaw2009-2010Fulbright StudentBeyond the failure of the European constitution: EU integration as a 'choice-of-law' process
Elyès GhanmiUniversity ofToulouseUniversity of PittsburghPolitical Science2009-2010Fulbright ScholarThe Institutionalization of EU-US Relations: The Evolution of a Cooperation
Carla MonteleoneUniversity of MilanColumbia UniversityInternational Relations2009-2010Fulbright ScholarInternational Security, Multilateral Interventions and Legitimacy: The role of US-EU Cooperation
Sara PoliUniversity of PisaPennsylvania State UniversityLaw2009-2010Fulbright ScholarThe European Union's external action to strengthen the area of freedom, security and justice
Christine RiefaUniversity of Montpellier ICleveland-MarshallLaw2009-2010Fulbright ScholarThe protection of consumers in virtual environments (research); European Law subjects (teaching)
Eulalia Sanfrutos CanoUniversity of SevillaHarvard UniversityLaw2009-2010Fulbright StudentCourts and Constitutional Pluralism within the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Guido TintoriUniversity of MilanNew York UniversityPolitical Science2009-2010Fulbright ScholarTerror Attacks and their Impact on the Migrant Integration Policies in the U.S. and in the E.U.
Stefano ValentinoUniversity of UtrechtUniversity of California - BerkeleyJournalism2009-2010Fulbright Scholar"GLocal" - A New Model for Sustainable Collaboration between EU and US Reporters enabling them to provide investigative news coverage on Global issues of common interest to a Trans-Atlantic Interactive web community of Local media users.
Judit Vall CastelloUniversity of BarcelonaState University of New York - Stony BrookEconomics2009-2010Fulbright StudentA Comparison of the Effects of Social Security Protection on Labor Market Outcomes in the USA and the EU
Ounia Doukouré -PecchioliEuropean University InstituteStanford university & University of California - BerkeleyLaw2009-2010Fulbright ScholarLegal Identity Building in Contexts of Changing Rules & Boundaries. Immigrant entrepreneurship USA/EU
Arianna AndreangeliUniversity of BirminghamUniversity of MichiganLaw2010-2011Fulbright ScholarPrivate Enforcement of Antitrust: Regulating Corporate Behaviour Through Collective Claims in the EU and US
Monserrat Ferre CarracedoLondon Business SchoolGeorgia State UniversityEconomics2010-2011Fulbright ScholarDecentralized fiscal policy and centralized monetary policy in a monetary union
François ForetUniversity of Paris IColumbia UniversityPolitical Science2010-2011Fulbright Scholar
Michael GearyEuropean University InstituteCatholic UniversityHistory2010-2011Fulbright ScholarVisiting Lecturer in History of European Integration and Irish Studies
Ingrid GehrkeUniversity of GrazUniversity of MinnesotaInternational Education2010-2011Fulbright ScholarA Comparative Analysis of Student Advising and Cultural Learning
Marinus GroenleerUniversity of LeidenHarvard UniversityPublic Administration2010-2011Fulbright ScholarThe politics of US and EU agency creation and its implications for design and development
Sabine HerlitschkaUniversity of ViennaGeorge Washington UniversityInternational Education2010-2011Fulbright ScholarTransatlantic EU-U.S. science & technology alliance working jointly on grand challenges: vision of chance for realisation?
Cécile Hoareau McGrathLondon School of EconomicsUniversity of California - BerkeleyPolitical Science2010-2011Fulbright ScholarWho should pay for higher education? A comparative perspective
Michael KaedingUniversity of LeidenUniversity of WisconsinPublic Affairs2010-2011Fulbright ScholarOccupational pension systems - when the OECD and EU strike simultaneously
Susanne LichtmanneggerUniversity of InnsbruckHawai'i Pacific UniversityInternational Education2010-2011Fulbright ScholarImproving Reciprocal Transatlantic Mobility between US and Austrian universities
Paul NihoulUniversite Catholique de LouvainAmerican UniversityLaw2010-2011Fulbright ScholarFood law in a comparative (US-EU) perspective
Harvey RedgraveLondon School of EconomicsHarvard UniversityPolitical Science2010-2011Fulbright ScholarThe challenges and potential for stronger European-wide collaboration to prevent serious organised crime
Chiara RuffaEuropean University InstituteHarvard UniversityPolitical Science2010-2011Fulbright Scholar
Matthieu SegersRadboud University NijmegemHarvard UniversityPolitical Science2010-2011Fulbright ScholarThe Hidden History of 'Deep Europe'
Jitka StepnickovaTechnical University of LiberecUniversity of MiamiInternational Education2010-2011Fulbright ScholarUPrague - unique exhange program
Pasquale TridicoUniversity of Rome IIIUniversity of California - Los AngelesEconomics2010-2011Fulbright ScholarThe European Social Model for a greater Europe and the EU-US relations during the financial crisis
Martin VasekMasaryk UniversityUniversity of TennesseeInternational Education2010-2011Fulbright ScholarBeyond Brno's horizons
Alessandra BitumiUniversity of PaviaWoodrow Wilson InstituteHistory2010-2011Fulbright StudentVisiting Student Researcher in History
Eva KubesovaPalacky UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityPolitical Science2010-2011Fulbright StudentEU-U.S. Relations and the Administration of Barack Obama. An Analysis of the Expectations and Developments in Environmental Policies after January 2009.
Maria WasastjernaCollege of EuropeDuke UniversityLaw2010-2011Fulbright StudentMaster's in Law
Seppe VerheyenTrinity CollegeUniversity of California - IrvinePolitical Science2010-2011Fulbright StudentDoctorate in Political Science
Constanza HermaninEuropean University InstituteUniversity of California - BerkeleyPolitical Science2010-2011Fulbright Scholar
Daniele GalloUniversity of UtrechtFordham UniversityLaw2010-2011Fulbright ScholarThe Need for a European Market of Financial Services: Regulation, Competition, and Rights
Catarina MarvãoTrinity College DublinJohns Hopkins UniversityEconomics2011-2012Fulbright StudentMitigating and Aggravating Circumstances versus Leniency Reducations - Evidence from Cartels fined in Europe
Anneli SooUniversity of TartuCalifornia State University - FullertonLaw2011-2012Fulbright ScholarDefence Rights in the European Union and in the United States: A Comparative Approach
Clara O'DonnellUniversity CambridgeBrookings InstitutionPolitical Science2011-2012Fulbright ScholarThe future of transatlantic security cooperation: How is the United States reacting to changes in the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)
Gonçalo CoelhoEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLaw2011-2012Fulbright StudentCompetition and Regulatory Law
Andrea FilippettiUniversity of UtrechtHarvard UniversityEconomics2011-2012Fulbright ScholarVarieties of capitalism, labor market institutions and the effects of the crisis: A comparative analysis of the United States and European models
Anthony EvansUniversity of LiverpoolSan Jose State UniversityEconomics2011-2012Fulbright ScholarScholar-in-Residence
Anna Maria Silvana De RosaCatholic University MilanUniversity of California - IrvineEducation2011-2012Fulbright ScholarThe Joint International Doctorate: a strategic tool for enhancing EU-US institutional collaboration on research training in a network-based knowledge society
Ester VersluisUniversity of UtrechtCornell UniversityPolitical Science2011-2012Fulbright ScholarResponsible governance of risks through agencies?
Eleanora PierucciUniversity of UtrechtUniversity of MassachusettsEconomics2011-2012Fulbright ScholarInteractions between public and private research in bio-pharmaceutical industry: a comparative study between U.S. and Europe
Femke ten BloemendalUniversity of UtrechtUniversity of ConnecticutEducation2011-2012Fulbright ScholarStudy Abroad with disabilities in US-EU partnerships
Michael RothDortmund University of TechnologyMichigan State UniversityUrban Planning2011-2012Fulbright ScholarLandscapes in transformation - Perception and valuation of cultural landscapes in planning policy, law, and public awareness - A U.S.-EU comparison
Emanuela BozziniUniversity of FlorenceUniversity of MarylandSociology2011-2012Fulbright ScholarClimate Change and Food Security in the EU and US: a comparative research
Maria Gomez OrtuetaComplutenese University of MadridArcadia UniversityEducation2011-2012Fulbright ScholarInternationalization of Higher Education US-Europe
Magdalena Luminska-RudnickaUniversity of WarsawJohns Hopkins UniversityPolitical Science2011-2012Fulbright StudentVisiting student researcher in International Relations
Stephen HynesUniversity of StirlingMonterey InstituteSocio-Economic Marine Research2012-2013Fulbright ScholarDevelopment of a marine socio-economic information system framework
Eugenio CusumanoEuropean University InstituteUniversity of Denver
Korbel School of International Studies
Political Science2012-2013Fulbright ScholarMilitary privatization in the US and the EU. The use and regulation of private military contractors in a comparative perspective
Sotiria BoukouvalaUniversity of OxfordUS Departement of AgricultureFood toxicology2012-2013Fulbright ScholarFood safety in the EU, the USA and beond: Design of strategies to control mycotoxin contamination of maize and wheat
Boris RigodEuropean University InstituteStanford University & NYULaw2012-2013Fulbright StudentVisiting student researcher in Law/International Trade Law
Adriana BuneaTrinity CollegeUniversity of North CarolinaPolitical Science2012-2013Fulbright ScholarInterests, issues, ties: explaining interest groups' preference attainment in the EU and US environmental policy
Luis Rubalcaba BermejoUniversity of AlcalaBoston UniversityEconomics2012-2013Fulbright ScholarSocial Innovation in Education: Benchmarking EU and US Educational Services
Ander AudikanaParis Est UniversityGeorge Mason UniversityUrban Planning2012-2013Fulbright ScholarHigh-speed rail, why not in the US?
Cian MurphyKing's College LondonGeorgetown UniversityLaw2012-2013Fulbright ScholarCounter-Terrorism in a post-War on Terror World: EU and US Material Support Laws in Comparison
Thomas KeatingUniversity of LimerickAmerican UniversityInternational Relations2012-2013Fulbright StudentIs there a need for the recognition of human agency in International Relations?
Robert LepeniesHerti/WZB/FUYale UniversityPolitical Science2012-2013Fulbright StudentVisiting Student Researcher in Political Science/Political Philosophy
Adam LigetiUniversity of SurreyUniversity of FloridaEconomics2012-2013Fulbright ScholarIdentifying similarities and differences between the EU and US economic development incentive schemes, on the basis of spatial and toursim development projects
Karen Del BiondoUniversity of GentStanford UniversityPolitical Science2012-2013Fulbright ScholarAiding democracy while respecting ownership: Comparing EU and US democracy assistance in Ethiopia and Rwanda
Anna PokorskaUniversity of SalzburgArizona State UniversitySocial Justice and Human Rights2012-2013Fulbright StudentMaster's in Sociology/Migration
Robert SchuetzeDurham UniversityHarvard UniversityLaw2013-2014Fulbright ScholarForeign Affairs Federalism: Comparative Constitutional Perspectives
Katia PeriniUniversità degli Studi di GenovaColumbia UniversityUrban Planning2013-2014Fulbright ScholarSutainability of urban areas: hints for the improvement of environmental policies
Elena Oliver-SaizUniversity of GranadaUniversity of California, BerkeleyEngineering2013-2014Fulbright StudentOn the development of a common framework on the assessment and retrofitting of existing RC framed structures
Päivi PietiläUniversity of TurkuCity University of New YorkLinguistics2013-2014Fulbright ScholarPromoting Lifelong Learning: Lexical Competence of Learners of Different Ages and Proficiency Levels
Elisabet SergiadouAristotle University of Thessaloniki2013-2014
Antoine RayrouxULBGeorgetown UniversityPolitical Science2013-2014Fulbright ScholarManaging international reputation: The European Union in the US and in Canada
Neave O'CleryImperial College LondonHarvard UniversityMathematics2013-2014Fulbright ScholarNetwork Analysis of EU Labour Force Data for Strategies in Economic Development and Investment
Sara Lopez SelgaUniversitat Pompeu FabraState University NY and California System Educational Administration2013-2014Fulbright ScholarErasmus for All: Maximizing US HEIs participation in European educational programs
Esthir PetropoulouUniversity of AthensUniversity of Michigan Haptic Technology2013-2014Fulbright ScholarHaptic Diaries: a tacticle feedback technology for knowledge-based interaction
Ignacio Gonzalez FernandezAutónoma de Madrid UniversityU.S. Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research stationEnvironmental Sciences2013-2014Fulbright ScholarImplementation of Scientific Findings into Environmental Policy Development in the EU and the U.S. within the Framework of the UNECE Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution Convention
Alessandro BlasimmeUniversity of MilanHarvard UniversityPolitical Science2013-2014Fulbright ScholarTranslating innovation: The governance of stem cell therapy in the US and in Europe
Ana Isabel AfonsoFCSH - Universidade Nova de LisboaUniversity of Massachussets - AmherstAnthropology2013-2014Fulbright ScholarWind Power, Greening Society and Environmental Justice. Socio-cultural Impacts of Renewable Energies in European and American Landscap(es).
Anna MarholdEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLaw2013-2014Fulbright StudentFinally GATT-ing it Right? From Energy Exclusion to Separate Sector Negotiations under the GATT/WTO?
Joseph LaceyEuropean University InstitutePrinceton UniversityPolitical Science2013-2014Fulbright StudentDemocratic Representation for a Changing Europe
Mikolaj JasiakCollege of EuropePace UniversityLaw2013-2014Fulbright StudentResearch topics: Shale gas. Regulation on hydrofracking / Climate change policy
Emmanuel De GroofEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLaw2013-2014Fulbright StudentUnderstanding and evaluating the increasing EU & US involvement with transitional authorities
Christine CadotUniversité Paris 8Princeton University/New York UniversityPolitical Science2014-2015Fulbright ScholarWho’s your Daddy?. References to Founding Fathers in European Union historiographies
Claire HamiltonQueen's University BelfastCity University of New YorkCriminology2014-2015Fulbright Scholar‘Governing through security?’: A Comparison of US and EU Counter-Terrorism Policy 2001-2014
Mary MurphyUniversity College CorkGeorge Mason UniversityPolitical Science2014-2015Fulbright ScholarEmpowering National Parliamentarians to Engage with EU Political and Policy Issues
Martin LouckaLancaster UniversityIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiMedical Sciences2014-2015Fulbright ScholarRespecting patients’ wishes: Advance care planning at the end of life
Sarah WolffQueen Mary UniversityTransatlantic Academy (Washington, D.C.)International Relations2014-2015Fulbright ScholarTransatlantic Engagement with Islamist Political Parties in Morocco and Tunisia: Does Religion Matter?
Carolina BerghammerUniversity of ViennaPrinceton UniversitySociology2014-2015Fulbright ScholarEducational effects on parents’ work arrangements across Europe and in the United States, 1998-2010
Judith CliftonUniversity of CantabriaCornell UniversityPublic Policy2014-2015Fulbright Scholar/LecturerThe Public Infrastructure Crisis in the US and the EU: Opportunities for public policy learnning
Ivan SlapnicarUniversity of SplitMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics2014-2015Fulbright ScholarIncreasing interactivity in Massive Open On-line Courses with STEM content
Monika PozekMeetShareDance AssociationFull Radious Dance Company (Atlanta, GA)Dance/Disability Education2014-2015Fulbright ScholarIntegrated Dance Education- Joint best practices between the EU and US
Berenice DupeuxGhent UniversityUniversity of California, BerkeleyEconomics2014-2015Fulbright StudentThe political economy of agricultural policy in the EU and US
Marie HylandTrinity College DublinUniversity of MarylandEnergy Economics2014-2015Fulbright StudentDesigning electricity markets to facilitate electricity decarbonisation and tackle global warming
Zane RasnacaEuropean University InstituteYale University Law2014-2015Fulbright StudentThe Role of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the area of social policy: The perspective of Treaty-makers and legislature Judicial politics in the United States as a field for comparison
Tomasz WozniakowskiEuropean University InstituteUniversity of California, BerkeleyPolitical Science2014-2015Fulbright StudentFederalization Through Fiscalization? The European Union in Light of the American and Swiss Experience
Nele LeoskEuropean University InstituteUniversity of Massachusetts - AmherstPolitical Science (E-governance)2014-2015Fulbright StudentVisiting Student Researcher in Political Science
Maciej DrozdColumbia UniversityHarvard UniversityPublic Policy2015-2016Fulbright ScholarApplications of behavioral economics to lawmaking in Poland and the European Union
Agnieszka LisowskaUniversidad Autonoma de MadridUniversity of Southern CaliforniaInternational Relations2015-2016Fulbright ScholarPublic-private partnership in cultural foreign policy in the US and EU.
Oscar Sanchez MunozUniversity of ValladolidAmerican UniversityLaw2015-2016Fulbright ScholarMoney and Politics: How campaign finance laws influence electoral competition (A United States-Europe comparative vision)
Filipa DuarteDelft University of TechnologyUniversity of Texas at AustinPublic Administration2015-2016Fulbright ScholarCOMMERCIAL – Methodologies to develop, licensing or COMMERCIALIze early-stage technologies
Lorenzo PaceUniversità di Roma "La SapienzaAtlantic CouncilPolitical Science2015-2016Fulbright ScholarBanking Crisis Management in Europe and in the USA: what Europe can learn from the USA, what the USA can learn from Europe
Alexander MattelaerVrije Universiteit BrusselNational Defense UniversityPolitical Science2015-2016Fulbright ScholarTransatlantic Perspectives on European Defence: Responsibility and Partnership
Lamin KhadarEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLaw2015-2016Fulbright StudentUnderstanding the European Public Interest Law Movement
Demetrio MalteseUniversita' Commerciale Luigi BocconiHarvard UniversityLaw2015-2016Fulbright StudentTTIP, Conflicts and Interests in Public Companies' General Meetings - Functions, Powers, and Procedures
Alexandra-Maria BocseUniversity of CambridgeHarvard UniversityTransatlantic Relations2015-2016Fulbright StudentVisiting Student Researcher in International Relations
Andrea De AngelisEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityPolitics2015-2016Fulbright StudentVisiting Student Researcher in Political Science
Nisida GjoksiEuropean University InstituteColumbia UniversityPolitical Science2015-2016Fulbright StudentVisiting Student Researcher in Political Science
Zygimantas JuskaLeiden UniversityStanford UniversityLaw2015-2016Fulbright StudentSecuring the Future of Antitrust Class Actions in the EU: Experiments from the Baltics
Matti YlonenUniversity of HelsinkiYale UniversityPolitical Science2015-2016Fulbright StudentThe Politics of Corporate Tax Information
Eva BarrettTrinity College DublinVermont Law SchoolLaw2016-2017Fulbright ScholarDeveloping Energy Law in the EU & Comparing Energy Markets in the US with Electricity Markets in the EU
Annalisa CappellaUniversity of MilanBaylor UniversityInterdisciplinary Studies2016-2017Fulbright ScholarCommon forensic protocols and strategies in collecting data for the personal identification of dead migrants
Anne DaguerreSciences-Po BordeauxGerman Marshal FundPolitical Science2016-2017Fulbright ScholarIslam on campus in Europe and the United States: debates and controversies
Salvatore NicolosiSapienza University of RomeUniversity of Michigan-Ann ArborLaw2016-2017Fulbright ScholarReconceiving Temporary Protection: What Can the European Union learn from the United States to cope with large scale migratory flows?
Anna StahlCollege of EuropeUnited States Institute of PeaceInternational Relations2016-2017Fulbright ScholarChina’s Rise in Africa: Implications for Transatlantic Relations in a New World Order
Maria FanouEuropean University InstituteLaw2016-2017Fulbright StudentShaping a transatlantic investment arbitration policy: The interplay between the European legal order and international investment arbitration – Why do we need less arbitration?
Despoina KaramperidouEuropean University InstituteYale UniversityPolitical Science2016-2017Fulbright StudentThe Business of State-Building. The role of Business Associations in Conflict Resolution and Local Government Performance in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo
Ciara McGrathUniversity of StrathclydeMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineering2016-2017Fulbright StudentReconfigurable Federated Satellite Systems for Global Rapid Response focusing on European and US Assets
Katerina TertytchnayaUniversity of OxfordColumbia UniversityPolitical Science2016-2017Fulbright StudentOvercoming Challenges to Support: Performance Shocks and Hybrid Regime Stability in Russia
Alessio TerziHertie School of GovernanceHarvard UniversityEconomics2016-2017Fulbright StudentVisiting Student Researcher in Economics
Francesca Pia VantaggiatoUniversity of East AngliaGeorgetown UniversityPolitical Science2016-2017Fulbright StudentVisiting Student Researcher in Political Science
Viorica VitaEuropean University InstituteNew York University, Georgetown, and Harvard Law School (ONLY NYU ON TERMS)Law2016-2017Fulbright StudentConditioning EU Budgets on Fundamental Rights Performance
Eleanor WoodhouseBocconi UniversityHarvard UniversityPublic Policy2016-2017Fulbright StudentRisky Business: the impact of debt upon the educational decisions and economic outcomes of women
Raphaele XenidisEuropean University InstituteColumbia UniversityLaw2016-2017Fulbright StudentUnderstanding the emergence of transformative equality in European courts
Anna ButenkoUniversity of AmsterdamVermont Law SchoolLaw2017-2018Fulbright ScholarAddressing Disconnection Between Regulation and Innovation in Data-Enabled Energy Markets: Is Regulatory Innovation the Answer?
Pedro Garcia HaroUniversity of SevillePrinceton UniversityEngineering2017-2018Fulbright ScholarComprehensive ass. & comparison of H2 production and underground storage as a solution to balance future penetration of renewable electricity in U.S./EU grids
Joris LarikLeiden UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityInternational Relations2017-2018Fulbright ScholarForms of foreign policy collaboration in the unraveled Transatlantic space: From ‘two pillars’ to ‘peristyle’?
Roberta RaffaetaUniversity of VeronaUniversity of CaliforniaAnthropology2017-2018Fulbright ScholarAn Ecosystem of Microbes. Microbiome Research and its Policy and Societal Implications between US and EU
Laure NeumayerUniversity Paris 1 Panthéon SorbonneColumbia UniversityPolitical Science2017-2018Fulbright ScholarThe transatlantic dimension of memory activism: ethnic anti-communism in the US and in the EU after the Cold War
Leticia Diez SanchezEuropean University InstitutetbcLaw2017-2018Fulbright Scholar
Paula Fernandez-Wulf BarreiroUniversite Catholique de LouvaintbcLaw2017-2018Fulbright Student
Rosa ManzoPluriCourts, University of OsloColumbia UniversityEnvironmental Law2017-2018Fulbright Student
Valentina MigliariniRoma Tre UniversityKansas UniversityEducation2017-2018Fulbright Scholar
Julian Mueller-KalerZeppelin UniversityGeorgetown BMW CenterInternational Relations2017-2018Fulbright Student
Eliza NedyalkovaCollege of EuropeColumbia UniversityInternational Relations2017-2018Fulbright Student
George PapaconstantinouEuropean University InstituteColumbia UniversityLaw2017-2018Fulbright Student
Luigi PedreschiEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLaw2017-2018Fulbright Student
Theodosia StavroulakiEuropean University InstitutetbcLaw2017-2018Fulbright Scholar