2013-2014 European Fulbright-Schuman Grantees

The Fulbright Commission in Belgium is pleased to announce the list of 2013-2014 European Fulbright-Schuman grantees. The Fulbright-Schuman Program, administered by the Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States, Belgium and Luxembourg, is jointly financed by the U.S. State Department and the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission.

10 Scholars and 5 Graduate Students were selected from a pool of 86 competitive applicants that were split fairly evenly between candidates in the Student and Scholar categories. The majority of applications were received from candidates of larger Western European countries, including Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and France. We also saw an increase in applications from citizens of Scandinavian countries. These trends were both reflected in the composition of selected grantees. We would like to see more Eastern European EU citizens apply for this award in the future.

The average award given to 2013-2014 grantees is €17,400 and the average length of stay is approximately 6 months. Candidates still predominantly originate from academic fields related to Law and Political Science – with one special award guaranteed for an International Educational Administrator – but they also come from non-traditional academic backgrounds, such as Anthropology, Mathematics, Linguistics, and Technology. This reflects the Commission’s efforts to increase the practicality of the award by encouraging candidates with fields of study explicitly related to current US-EU policies or institutions to apply. For example, a candidate with a mathematical background may choose to examine mathematical models that can lead to the development of data-driven investment strategies for growth with the EU and the US.

The Fulbright-Schuman program focuses on research and/or post-graduate study on EU affairs or U.S.-EU relations at an accredited American university or independent research center.

The names of the 2013-2014 European Fulbright-Schuman Grantees are below:

2013-14 Fulbright Schuman Students
NameNationalityEU InstitutionUS Institution(s)DisciplineProject Title
Emmanuel De GroofBelgianEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLawUnderstanding and evaluating the increasing EU & US involvement with transitional authorities
Mikolaj JasiakPolishCollege of EuropePace UniversityLawExamining the legal regulation of natural gas production
Joseph LaceyIrishEuropean University InstitutePrinceton UniversityPolitical ScienceDemocratic Representation for a Changing Europe
Anna MarholdDutchEuropean University InstituteNew York UniversityLawFinally GATT-ing it Right? From Energy Exclusion to Separate Sector Negotiations under the GATT/WTO?
Maria Elena Oliver SaizSpanishUniversity of GranadaUniversity of California BerkeleyEngineeringOn the development of a common framework on the assessment and retrofitting of existing RC framed structures
2013-14 Fulbright Schuman Scholars
NameNationalityEU InstitutionUS Institution(s)DisciplineProject title
Ana Isabel AfonsoPortugueseFCSH - Universidade Nova de LisboaUniversity of Massachusetts- AmherstAnthropologyWind Power, Greening Society and Environmental Justice. Socio-cultural Impacts of Renewable Energies in European and American Landscap(es)
Alessandro BlasimmeItalianINSERM - Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche MédicaleHarvard UniversityPolitical ScienceTranslating innovation: The governance of stem cell therapy in the US and in Europe
Ignacio Gonzalez FernandezSpanishCIEMAT - Centre for Research on Energy, Environment and TechnologyUS Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research StationEnvironmental SciencesImplementation of Scientific Findings into Environmental Policy Development in the E.U. and U.S. Within the UNECE Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution Convention
Esthir Lemi PetropoulouGreekThe Chamber of Fine Arts of GreeceUniversity of MichiganOtherHaptic Diaries: a tacticle feedback technology for knowledge-based interaction
Sara Lopez SelgaSpanishUniversitat Pompeu FabraState University NY and California University systemsEducational AdministrationErasmus for All: Maximizing US HEIs participation in European educational programs
Neave O'CleryIrishImperial College LondonHarvard UniversityMathematicsNetwork Analysis of EU Labour Force Data for Strategies in Economic Development and Investment
Katia PeriniItalianUniversità degli Studi di GenovaColumbia UniversityUrban PlanningSustainability of urban areas: hints for the improvement of environmental policies
Paiva PietilaFinnishUniversity of TurkuCity University of New YorkLinguisticsPromoting Lifelong Learning: Lexical Competence of Learners of Different Ages and Proficiency Levels
Antoine RayrouxFrenchUniversité libre de BruxellesGeorgetown UniversityPolitical ScienceManaging international reputation: The European Union in the US and in Canada
Robert SchuetzeGermanDurham UniversityHarvard UniversityLawForeign Affairs Federalism: Comparative Constitutional Perspectives