2022 Americans in the EU

Biking Through Life in the Netherlands

Like most foreigners landing in the Netherlands, a not insubstantial part of my life for the past nine months has revolved around biking. While I once thought biking was a relatively simple activity, I’ve now come to realize its different forms. There’s fun biking, and there’s stress biking. There’s dry biking, and there’s wet biking […]

2018-19 Americans in the EU

Open Science by Design  –  A Fulbright in Review

The ideals and principles of open science (or “open research and scholarship”, as we might express it in the States) are summed up in the EU’s Research and Innovation strategy as “the ongoing transition in how research is performed and how knowledge is shared.” Anyone in any corner of any university could look at whatever […]

2017-18 Americans in the EU

A Brief Reflection On My Fulbright-Schuman Experience

Margot Kaminski is a 2017-2018 Fulbright-Schuman Innovation Grant Research Scholar and an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Law and the Director of the Privacy Initiative at Silicon Flatirons. She specializes in the law of new technologies, focusing on information governance, privacy, and freedom of expression. Recently, her work has examined autonomous systems, including […]