2017 EU-US Young Leaders Seminar

Fulbright EU-US Seminar for Young Leaders

It is strange, indeed, to be an American abroad during this particular political moment. I am a citizen concerned with the direction of the country under the new president, but at times I feel far-removed. Each morning, The New York Times seems to bring further reasons to be discouraged, yet it is impossible for me […]

2017 Americans in the EU

State of the European Union

The scene outside in the spring Tuscan sun was pure Brussels: black limousines, heavy security, expensive black suits. Inside, in the Salone dei Cinquecento of Florenceā€™s Palazzo Vecchio, it was pure Italian Renaissance: a glorious ceiling of 39 panels painted by Giorgio Vasari, statues by Michelangelo and Bandinelli, and banks of flowers. But the message […]