2015-16 Europeans in the USA

My First Weeks as a Fulbright Schuman EU Visiting student researcher at Stanford

After more than a month at Stanford University, it seems that I spent more than a year! There are so many activities going on in the campus that I cannot believe (still) that this is true and not the dream. Yesterday, for instance, I had a very exciting day: in the afternoon, I discussed the role of class actions with the main judge of 9/11; and, in the evening, I had a discussion with the former Foreign Minister of Iceland who was the first western leader to recognize the independence of my country in 1990.
As regards the research, I am sure that final results will provide an interesting academic input . I try not to limit my research at campus, since I have the unique opportunity to meet high-profile lawyers in Silicon Valley and in San Francisco. I am still in shock how different is the litigation culture in the EU and the US. At first sight, the Europeans are not litigious at all; the Americans bring lawsuits on all possible – sometimes ridiculous – issues.
After a hard work, I try to participate in all social activities at Bechtel International Center. Perhaps the most gratifying social experience so far was watching NCAA football game between Stanford and UCLA. We won! 4-hours show was amazing mainly because I spent the game in a special part of the stadium where only Stanford students are cheering for own team (so-called Red Zone). Furthermore, I try to explore the surrounding areas of my current city Palo Alto by jogging and riding a bike.
To conclude, I would like to tell that I never check the weather forecast – it’s always sunny! However, the terrific guest from Pacific Ocean El Nino is planning to “visit” us and to bring very rainy season to the Golden State – California. I will keep posted!”
Zygimantas Juska
2015-2016 Fulbright Schuman EU Visiting student researcher