2017-18 Americans in the EU

Exploring Diversity in Scandinavia

The movement of people and how they settle in a country coupled with the intermingling of ethnically diverse groups has always fascinated me. Although my family did not immigrate to the United States, I grew up in a predominately immigrant neighborhood in Chicago with people literally from all over the world. These early childhood experiences […]

2016-17 Americans in the EU

A Brief Reflection on my Fulbright-Schuman Experience

My Fulbright-Schuman research project examines the labor market integration of refugees in select EU Member States. Broadly, my study looks at how private enterprise works with government agencies in facilitating refugees’ job readiness and labor market integration, whether through the direct hiring of refugees or through policy development (e.g., through influencing the development of vocational […]

2016-17 Europeans in the USA

At The University of Michigan: A Unique Opportunity to Reflect on the E.U. and the Refugee Crisis

It is almost two months already since I left Belgium to start my experience as an EU Fulbright-Schuman Scholar at the renowned University of Michigan Law School. Travelling for the first time to the other side of the Atlantic has soon become a totalizing experience of life during which I have been learning a lot […]