2021 2021-22 2022 Americans in the EU

Studying Law and Democracy at the EUI

My Fulbright project looked at why and how law is being used as a tool of democratic inclusion in Europe—the idea of legal mobilization. Specifically, I was investigating how lawyers on the ground in struggles for social justice work with clients, civil society organizations, and larger networks to formulate legal claims asking European-level courts—the Court […]

2018-19 Americans in the EU

Four Judges

Primo It’s February and I’m in, of all places, Luxembourg. How did I get here? I accepted a six-month Fulbright-Schuman fellowship in Florence, but we fellows have all been summoned for a weeklong seminar in Luxembourg and Belgium. I’m not thrilled, I admit, to leave my large family behind in a still-frigid Tuscany. But here […]


My Fulbright-Schuman Experience in NYC

The Fulbright-Schuman Program made possible one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Even if I initially conceived it as a mainly academic project, I very soon realized that this would be a profoundly transforming and personal experience. Being in New York City for six months to study at Columbia University was academically enriching […]

2017-18 Europeans in the USA

A Taste of the Big Apple

Spending five months studying in New York was an enriching experience that challenged my idea of the United States. Before going into the nitty gritty of my experience, some background is needed as to why I decided to study in the US. Mid-way through the second year of my PhD in Law at the European […]

2014-15 Europeans in the USA

End of an Era

This blog post admittedly has a slightly dramatic title. Nevertheless, when I took the plane across the Atlantic after my Fulbright-Schuman experience had come to the end, it certainly felt like that. Now I feel like it is finally time to say goodbye to my grand adventure. When I was only embarking on my Fulbright […]