2022 Americans in the EU

The language of communication and cooperation

Long ago, learning a second (and third) language as a teenager sparked my interest in international travel, which – after experiencing that travel – inspired me to study International Relations. This eventually led to my academic career and to the Fulbright-Schuman European Union Affairs award, so it seems apropos to return to these roots here. […]

2021 2021-22 2022 Americans in the EU

Studying Law and Democracy at the EUI

My Fulbright project looked at why and how law is being used as a tool of democratic inclusion in Europe—the idea of legal mobilization. Specifically, I was investigating how lawyers on the ground in struggles for social justice work with clients, civil society organizations, and larger networks to formulate legal claims asking European-level courts—the Court […]

2019-20 Europeans in the USA

How much ‘Italianity’ there’s in Americans

It has been 173 days and 18 hours ca. since I landed in the United States for my Fulbright-Shuman experience. Such an experience. I never expected that my “cultural ambassador” duties would have been so intense. But let’s say: an extreme pleasure. Luckily enough, my project on Privacy and profiling had me ended up at the MIT Media Lab, i.e. a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, races, and minds from all over the world.

2018-19 Americans in the EU

Four Judges

Primo It’s February and I’m in, of all places, Luxembourg. How did I get here? I accepted a six-month Fulbright-Schuman fellowship in Florence, but we fellows have all been summoned for a weeklong seminar in Luxembourg and Belgium. I’m not thrilled, I admit, to leave my large family behind in a still-frigid Tuscany. But here […]

2017-18 Americans in the EU

A Brief Reflection On My Fulbright-Schuman Experience

Margot Kaminski is a 2017-2018 Fulbright-Schuman Innovation Grant Research Scholar and an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Law and the Director of the Privacy Initiative at Silicon Flatirons. She specializes in the law of new technologies, focusing on information governance, privacy, and freedom of expression. Recently, her work has examined autonomous systems, including […]

2017-18 Europeans in the USA

Being a Fulbright-Schuman Visiting Scholar (and a Mother) in Lawrence, Kansas

It has been now over a month that I left my ‘family’ at the KU Special Education Department in Lawrence, Kansas, and I cannot think of a better time to reflect back on what has been one of the most productive (and fun!) year of my academic and personal life. When I applied for the […]